Kent Fackenthall

Like many folks, I have ridden bikes since I was a kid. I did the ‘BMX/Freestyle-thing’, followed by the ‘Now I-have-a-drivers-license-and-I-don’t-ride-much-Thing’, then the ‘Mountain Bike Thing’, etc. etc. I’ve done a lot of different ‘bike-type-things’, including commuting for the better part of the last 15 years or so. I don’t think I’m partial to any particular type of riding – I enjoy them all – though I guess I am partial to any ride that integrates coffee somehow.

At various times in my life I’ve been in the employ of bike shops either for purposes of retailification, general wrenchery or both. I am a master of neither, but know enough to justify my loitering therein with an hourly wage. Then there’s been shops that I just hung out at so much it was like I worked there anyway.

For several years, I was the self-appointed Minister of Propaganda for the Bike Commuter Cabal – an online shadow conspiracy dedicated to commuter, transit and utility cycling. At one point we boasted a Google+ Community of over 5,000 members all over the globe before Google killed their Google+ product and for the most part the BCC has since ‘ridden into the sunset’.

My day job has nothing to do with bikes – though I wish it did – I’m a print/web designer and developer at a marketing firm. This does, however, give me the skillset to get up to bike-related shenanigans on the Internet with some level of deft and efficiency – so I guess – in a way, sorta – my day job is bike-related if you really want to stretch it.

I currently live in the woods in Penniac, New Brunswick, Canada with my wife, 4 kids and many bikes. My ‘personal’ website can be found at

If you’d like to say hi, slap a virtual high five, or otherwise have an idea for this project, drop me a line.


The Corrective Action Bicycle Club site is proudly hosted in Fredericton, NB by IBS Ltd. and runs on WordPress. It currently uses the stock WordPress Twenty-Nineteen theme because after years of WordPress site development, I wanted to not tinker with this site all the time and use something that worked, out-of-the-box on platforms as varied as iPhones to Speak-and-Spells. Invariably due either to an increase in volume of content or my own inability to leave well-enough alone, I will probably change it.